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Medicine and law intersect in many ways, but the common element is always complex. In the legal context, there are special rules that govern the presentation of science in the courtroom. In medicine, there is complexity driven by the need to reduce the highly technical field to jury friendly communication. Controversies arising from this intersection must be addressed with experience and knowledge. Wilson Smith has been very successful in partnering with clients as they encounter controversies in this field.

Malpractice and Professional Liability

Our team of attorneys has vast experience defending medical professionals, including physicians, nurses, hospitals, and allied healthcare providers. We have successfully tried cases of every magnitude and also consult in risk management strategies to prevent lawsuits. We begin with the knowledge that the stakes are high when professional competence and compassion are challenged.

Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Device Defense

Pharmaceutical and medical device litigation requires an intimate knowledge of the regulatory and legal framework in which these products are marketed. Our attorneys have spent decades developing and using this knowledge. We have successfully employed that expertise in defense of multiple major pharmaceutical and device companies. We stand ready and able to press the defense case before juries anywhere in the country.