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A Lawyer and a Gentleman

Nov 17, 2014

We at Wilson Smith Cochran Dickerson are pleased to share that one of our founding members, Bob Dickerson, was recently honored in an official report from the U.S. Congressional Record, where Congressman Adam Smith took the floor to honor Bob for his 25 years of leadership of an organization called RESULTS, which has the humble aim of ending world poverty. 

During the years Bob has been active in this organization, and partly because of that, the daily death rate for children in Africa went from 40,000 deaths per day to about 18,000 per day.  This is because RESULTS has been active in pushing for political and economic reform and funding to help fight AIDS, TB, and malaria, which are the cause of so much unnecessary suffering in Africa.  

Bob will also be honored at the annual fundraising benefit for RESULTS on December 15, where he will receive the “Seeds of Hope” award from RESULTS.  According to the RESULTS’ website: “The Seeds of Hope Award is given to an individual or organization that demonstrates exemplary, innovative, and strategic work that extends health care, economic opportunity, education, and hope to all the world’s citizens.”  This is a very prestigious award, and one Bob has earned with his heart, sweat, and time. We are pleased that Pulitzer-prize winning New York Times journalist Nicholas Kristof has also chosen to highlight Bob’s incredible accomplishments and sage philosophy for living by running Bob’s essay, “Death Without Regrets,” on his online opinion page.  Bob’s inspiring essay can be found here

Congratulations, Bob Dickerson!  It is an honor to know you and work with you, and we at WSCD are humbled and inspired by your good works.