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Dylan Jackson 1a
To me, a good day as a lawyer means that I’ve done my absolute best for my clients – especially when all of the chips on the table seem to be stacked against them.

Jackson, Dylan E.

A co-managing shareholder of the firm, Dylan Jackson’s practice focuses on civil litigation involving a wide range of subject matters.

Dylan routinely represents:

  • National, regional, and local companies in the defense of inter and intrastate trucking and transportation injury and property damage claims, some involving catastrophic occurrences which garner regional and national press coverage;
  • National, regional and local businesses in the defense of -
    • Commercial motor vehicle accidents,
    • Consumer Protection Act claims,
    • Premises liability claims,
    • Construction worksite injury claims,
    • Contract disputes,
    • Real property disputes, and
    • Other various torts.
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